eventful day!!!!

7 Apr

well well well…wht more can i say 2 describe dis wk’s Monday!!!!it was evrything…u know like fun, tiring, disappointing, in a way fulfilling as well, saddening, hurting, enjoyable….all those sorts of thingz…i had such a hard time getting up dat morning…my bed was acting real possessive but still as a good student, Suri went to coll…and what does she find there…locked classroom!!!!!shocking or what????at first she thought she wasn’t seeing properly so she even opened the door and what was there!!!guess guess…empty desks and benches…and it wasn’t even first of April…finally she found out from her friends that it’s actually a holiday…well what was she supposed to do then!!!no rational thought was coming forward…was she supposed to wait for the bus to go for day route or wait till 2 pm or try her luck and set out on her own…after lot of thinking she figures the best way would be to just try her luck (but then there’s a problem…she HAD to go to her library that very day…and which opened only after 1 pm..omg!!!so much for luck…lol…and not to forget about the poster house she had to visit)…

now her coll isn’t exactly in a real facilitated location…what i mean is no public vehicles are easily available…and she just waited there for quite some time and regretted her decision of saying no to the ride offered by her friend!!!!”sud i get lift frm some1???” she wondered…but whoever said “it’s easier said than done” couldn’t have been more right… she thought about stopping a bike and asking for a lift but couldn’t do it that easily…so she just kept on walking…hopeless, tired, disappointed, low spirited, on the verge of tears were some of the words to describe her emotions at that moment!!!but pushing those thoughts aside she walked…and again on the road she met her friends who were off to a football match but at that time she was on the phone so she couldn’t even talk to them…she wondered whether to go home right now or something else…but the only problem was that there was no “something else”…lol…but God could never be that cruel to her (at least she thought so)…he sent his angel to her…in form of college bus drivers and his carriage in form of college bus…(well it wasn’t like she hadn’t called Rajan Dai (her bus ko dai) but the bus had left the college long ago…) and now when she had reached GEMS, she turned around and saw the yellow Seabird coming towards her…she felt a bit hopeful but as Seabird didn’t go on her route she did nothing…and then came 3616 and after that came dear 81!!!it was one of the moments in which she felt pure love for her 81…so she got on the bus and found that it wasn’t going exactly to her destination but near it…it was more than fine with her…and the bus ko dai was such a pleasant company…she chatted with him along the way…if she hadn’t thanked God at that time, she’s totally doing it right now…

so she asked to be dropped off at jamal from where she could easily go to her home bit decided to call her Di as it was 8.15 n she thought her Di’s class was over…it sure was and she had to go to her Di’s coll (well she wasn’t exactly sure about the location which earned her a scolding from her sis: “talai ta kehi pani yaad hudaina asti varkhar vaneko hoina???”…hehe…)..after that she and her sis went to her friend’s mall..had a great time there and the went to her all time fav Archies…she found her one of her fav items…key chains and new 1s at that too…well that was a good part and on the way to her sister’s destination, they went to a place and ate parathas…normally she would have just ignored that place but not anymore…it was just so delicious!!!!mmmmm…well then as she  was walking with her sis to the consultancy, what does Suri see???the name of the univ her sister was thinking of applying in front of a consultancy…call that lucky or what!!!they went there and found out that the consultancy was the univ’s agency in Nepal…learning that felt so great…so after that they went to the poster house and even bought posters…n 2 at that…:D…and went to the library as well…but the lil sad part was they were at jawlakhel and still didn’t enter NTC’s office and when they inquired about the internet facility at the pulchowk branch, they were informed  that all of it was done at jawlakhel…now what can i call that!!!

after all that they went to the place her sis was supposed to go…and omg…such chaotic environment and the people totally shocked her…who by the way were way older and all than her…but they survived that all right and FINALLY HOME SWEET HOME!!!!Suri wanted nothing more than to collapse on the bed and did that…but of course lunch came 1st and not to forget the assignment whose “deadline” was on that very day…lol…after such a day what was poor lil Suri supposed to do???yep you guessed rite…she just dozed off to dreamland…in the end!!!:) 🙂 :)…

this incident sorta proves that everything is already planned out and all if you think about it…i mean if Suri hadn’t gone to college that day, she wouldn’t have met her sis…and even after going to college if she had gotten lift from her friend or someone else, then also she wouldn’t have met her sis…that all points to the fact that if she hadn’t met her sis, they wouldn’t have stumbled upon the consultancy as it was Suri who saw that sign…and well things might have not taken a different turn…so Suri as well as her sis totally believe now that whatever happened that day was kinda bound to happen or something like that…well if good things turn out at the end, no one really cares that much about facing few difficulties in the start, do they??? so Suri doesn’t think her day was all wasted…

well a real long blog…above 1000 words…omg i can totally write a 1000 words article…what can i say else than that i’m real talented…lol…ok then my fingers are hurting already so i’m off now…xoxo….


2 Responses to “eventful day!!!!”

  1. Sujin April 15, 2010 at 6:34 am #

    Wonderful piece of writing.absolutely marvelous!! very well crafted.
    i just love your style of writing.
    you know?i always believed ‘Everything happens for the good’ and this eventful day of yours proves it all.

  2. Suri April 17, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    thank u!!!:)…ya evrything has a reason ni hai…long run ma vaye pani…

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