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Hopes and expectations….

29 May

i actually couldn’t come up with a title for this post so it’s just blank…i’m surfing fb n am totally surprised by the page names…i mean it’s like if you can’t update your status, just create a page!!!the titles sure are funny, but then what to write in all the discussion boards…what would there be to discuss…like if it’s a page for someone or something, then you can discuss about them or it…but that’s not the case here…and what’s with these pages like “horrific photo” and all…you have to like them if you wanna see the content!!!people come up with so many ideas…but i didn’t like any of the “like n see” pages (not even 1…i think so)…they don’t say “Curiosity killed the cat” for nothing…and not to forget the fact that i’m also called cat (biralo) sometimes so how could i do that…lol…n btw Barn Buddy is so weird sometimes…it just keeps reloading n reloading n reloading again…hehe….

finally it seems that our Batch T-shirt discussion has come to an end…there was a design which was approved by all and we might get our t-shirts before the end of coming week…and the design is nice…simple and sweet…but it’s just that i had thought it would be a bit more…uummm…different maybe…well if that design was finalized just when the discussion started, i might not have felt like this (a bit let down….not sure)…but it was not so and i had thought of a design and everything in my mind…guess i’ll just have to keep it in my mind…it’s not like i don’t like the new design…well i had really high and lot more expectations but in the end…what i didn’t want was it to be same as the others…you know i just can’t put it into words properly…i felt like we know we are electronics engineers so why do we need to write it in our t-shirt!!!it’s not as if we just gonna wear the t-shirt in our college…we’ll wear we apart from there also and i guess it would be like announcing to people who see it that we are engineers…and i so don’t like it when people read your t-shirt and make comments about it…i mean even when we are wearing our uniform i can hear “KEC vaneko kun college raicha” n all…i can already imagine what we’ll have to hear when we wear out t-shirt…and i don’t think it would be an awesome comment… hehe…and the color is green…so it means we all are gonna be CBs…lol…well it’s better than black…for sometime i had thought black would be the final color…and even if it were, i would have said nothing!!!everyone was okay with it so how could i say “can’t we discuss it again and try something else”…it had already taken so long…and it’s not like it’s my personal t-shirt…it’s for our whole class…and if no one else has a problem why should i be the one to bring more trouble…at that moment i felt like i didn’t care much about it…all i wanted was it to be ready and all of my friends will be wearing it so it would give a nice feeling!!!Sunday the size would be decided and then “hello batch t-shirts”!!!wish the days would pass quickly…the slowly they go, the more i’ll be thinking about it!!!i think i have come up with a title for this blog while writing…

so i just wanna conclude it with one of my favorite lines…”don’t expect much because expectations hurt”!!!and my own line…”don’t give something too much thought and have high hopes and everything for it as when it doesn’t turn out the way we want, it feels sooo….(it’s a feeling so i can’t explain it…when you’ll feel it, you’ll know what i was talking about!!)”…

i had actually thought of writing about something else but then this event happened so couldn’t help posting!!!so with this blog, my thoughts and everything for the t-shirt have ended…so now i’ll focus on another topic!!!keep waiting for Suri’s next entry!!!xoxo….