Happy…confused…worried…and finally happy :)!!!

24 Aug
Hello…after such a looooooong (and i mean really long) time, i’m back!!!actually i had been thinking about writing this for quite a while but then one thing happened and another and i couldn’t find the time to write a new blog…but here it’s…hope i can write it nicely (due to such a long gap, i’m feeling like this is my first blog)…let’s go in proper order…the first thing i want to write about is my MSP selection: the feelings, the confusion, the awe, the everything…

it had been a while since we had submitted the application and on that very day i was out with my friend and sister…we were watching “I Hate Luv Storys” and as we got out of the theatre, i checked my phone and saw that there were two messages…as always, getting texts made me incredibly happy even without knowing who had sent it and why…the first text was from my friend asking if i was selected as MSP (that’s how i knew the names were announced) and the next one was from our Allen sir informing me that i was the new MSP from our college…it all came so fast that i was shocked!!!i mean here i was just exiting after watching a movie and i came to know that i was an MSP…i knew it couldn’t be a joke though…the feeling at that moment was really great…i replied my friend that i was selected and returned home…i was telling my parents the news when my sister also received a great news from the college she had applied to!!!and we were like “wow…this definitely is a lucky day for both of us”…later that day, i called my friend and came to know that there were two other MSPs as well selected from our college…now i was really confused…i mean i knew that two people were selected from a college: a girl and a boy but there seemed to be two girls and a boy selected from our college…now i didn’t know what to do or think!!!one moment i was so happy to get selected and the next moment there seemed to be a big question mark following my selection…

i got an e-mail informing us of our orientation and i decided to clear my confusion there!!!when we reached there, there were many other students as well…as i’m not a very social person in the very first meeting (or second and third…it takes me a long time to be easily able to speak casually with unknown people…even my voice shows that), i was happy seating next to my friend from college…but imagine my state of mind when it was said that we couldn’t sit with our college friends!!!but it wasn’t as tough as i made it sound…lol…i mean the boy who at my right was really friendly and i didn’t even feel bit awkward talking to him…and not to mention the fact that the next MSP (the boy MSP) was sitting to my left so it was easy!!!during the meeting and after that, i asked if there were 3 MSPs from our college this year…but sadly no-one seemed to know that for sure…everyone said that from the other KEC there were 3 MSPs but no-one knew about us…so still i wasn’t sure about my selection…poor me!!!i didn’t even know if i could be happy or not…but thankfully God listened to my dilemma and solved it for me…later on when i enquired about the selection, i was told that there were 3 MSPs from our college…finally i could breathe!!!and that too with relief…

as MSPs, we attended SummIT 2010 which was a fabulous new experience for me which i will share in my next blog…xoxo!!!

4 Responses to “Happy…confused…worried…and finally happy :)!!!”

  1. Sujin August 24, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    malai ta title nai ramro lagyo!! šŸ™‚

  2. surockshya August 24, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    thank u…:)!!!asti euta ali sad sad vayo ni ta hai so aba sabai happy 1s matra la…:)!!!

  3. Sujin August 24, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    gud gud!! jahile happy happy hunu parchha

  4. surockshya August 24, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    thank u…:)!!!hunai paryo ni hai…

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