Technology reduces thinking capacity (GRE)

18 Apr

Technology, the thing on which people depend for their lives after air, water and food! Living in such a world, it is basically impossible to imagine us devoid of any technical development. Widespread and rapid progress in technology obviously has uncountable benefits; it has definitely made our lives far more comfortable and easier than each previous day. But, the fact that people have become more dependent and somewhat lazy as well cannot be overlooked. Rather than using own creative ideas to get through a problem, we all rely massively on technology.

Let us think about how far technical development has gone; the height of development is so huge that we can’t possibly even realize it. Devices with mental and logical capabilities are not a new thing for us; computers are only just an example. The problem with such devices is that though they help greatly by saving our time and doing all the hard work for us, they have weakened thinking capacity of people. Obviously, if you have something else take care of the problems, why even bother trying to do that yourself! This has become our viewpoint. With each passing day, we are becoming more dependent on technology. In fact, so much dependent that eras prior to technology seems to be from alien world. During early school years, when students are not allowed to use calculator for basic mathematical problem solving, everyone can recite the multiplication tables, can easily answer what twelve times eleven equals. But, once they lay their hands on calculators, even seven times four confuses and makes them compelled to check the result. This dependency only keeps on growing.

Then, of course, there is internet; greatest joy and pride of those who have access to it. Worldwide search engines have ensured information about something from any part of the world is accessible to people. Everything you need to know is simply a click away! The vivid effect of this fact on people cannot be ignored. Since answer to almost every question or problem can be found in the internet, thinking about it by oneself feels unnecessary. You get a problem in a program code you are trying to write, simply input your query to the giant search engine. Viola! Problem solved and you didn’t even have to rack your brains for it. Starting to write a book report without going through a handful of old available similar reports on the web first seems idiotic. Think less, depend more has almost become our motto now.

No matter how luxurious our lives have become, due to all the advancement in technology, the point that thinking power of people is waning and relying heavily on technology is soaring can’t be denied. It is undisputable; this dependency can cause great adversity to human themselves in near future. Sure the world is a better place to live in now but the fact still remains that new services and devices have aided in making people reluctant to make use of their mental capability. Thus, we can easily conclude that development in technology has reduced thinking capacity of people.


2 Responses to “Technology reduces thinking capacity (GRE)”

  1. amritbista April 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    okey aru pani post gardai gara hai…..lekhna bhanda ta padhna nai majja aucha……

    • surockshya April 19, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

      vayehalcha ni, ramrari lekhna aye ta lekheko haru sabai post garchu aba :)…

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