A brief introduction

19 Apr

It’s just the fifth season but it has already become a type of drama that I would never recommend anyone to watch! Any guesses to which show I’m talking about? I can almost feel like I’m watching the Ekta Kapoor serials, you know the same story going on and on again. Nothing new happens ever but still you watch the new episode (and tweet how much you disliked the current episode afterwards). The same plotting, scheming, pairing, events, the only thing that has changed since season one is that they are no longer in high school! You must have known the name of the show by now. Yes, it is Gossip Girl, the show in which you can’t expect anything exciting to happen these days.

Let me give you a brief history of the show. Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck are the Upper East Siders and friends since childhood. Serena and Blair, Nate and Chuck are best friends. B and N had been dating since kindergarten but during high school N falls for S. N and S end up sleeping together and afterwards S leaves town. Now B and S are no longer friends. B and N are still dating in the first episode but when S returns N’s feelings can’t stay true to B. While N is too busy to pay attention to B, she cheats on him with C. God knows what happens to N then but he again starts loving B once again. But, poor C, he has also fallen deeply for B! N breaks up with B when he learns about her and C. Then starts the whole B and C thing, they like each other but something always stops them from being together. I recall B getting back together with N for a short duration but this time B breaks up with N. Confused already? Don’t be, there’s more. What happened to S during this whole time? If N and S weren’t together then who did she date? Enter Dan, Lonely Boy from Brooklyn whose sister lil J for me is one of the most annoying characters after B and S themselves. S and D are so in love, working out their differences perfectly. But, what can they do against fate? Turns out S’s mom and D’s dad had been in love when they were young and, after all these years, decide to get married. So from being lovers they go to being to brother and sister!

I’m gonna leave all other characters and just concentrate on these five people. So, S and D are not together, B and C never seem to be ready to get committed to each other (no-one knows why) and N is the hottest, cutest guy on the Upper East Side. S and B go back to being best friends but Gossip Girl keeps coming between them and well they also let her. After high school, B and D attend college just for few episodes. Obviously, who has the time for college when they are too busy plotting against their friends and family? C and B go on and off, on and off over and over again. Sometimes a prince, sometimes an accident, sometimes another girl and a list of things prevent them from being together. When they finally get a chance of the happiness they have always dreamed, B chooses otherwise. I’ll get to that later, now let’s move on to S, N and D. N always had a thing for S so after everything he still wants to be with her in third or fourth season. Apparently D can’t also forget about her. After an series of Tripp, Carter, Vanessa, a character Hilary Duff played, Juliet and so on in these three characters lives, S has to choose between N and D. But, all it took was one evil move from Juliet and lil J, and both the guys choose not to be with her.

Afterwards, D and B set off on a mission together for helping S. Well we had S and N, S and N, B and N, B and C (the only thing that stopped the writers from creating a S and C pair might have been the fact that before marrying D’s dad, S’s mom had married C’s dad making them brother and sister). So now the only pairing left is B and D, and of course we have it. Somehow Dan Humfrey, Lonely Boy from Brooklyn ends up liking Blair Waldorf, the Upper East Side princess and more surprisingly, B returns his feelings. Oh, I almost forgot to mention B getting pregnant at the age of 19 and ready to marry Prince Louis before all this happened. But as she is still in “love” with C, Louis doesn’t accept their marriage. On her wedding day, she confesses how much she loves C and on the following day when C tells her to be with him, she refuses. Laughable, isn’t it? Finally she tells C that though she will always love him, her heart belongs to D and hence B and D! That’s not all. S wants to get back together with D again but as he chooses B now, their friendship gets affected. Oh and due to her own meddlesome nature, S gets into a dispute with N as well. Honestly, when will this girl ever change?

In the recent episode, S totally sabotages her cousin’s chance to pursue her dream, the very same cousin whom she had lectured about how they were family and all in the previous episode. And, why did she do it? Simply because, she didn’t have anything else to do with her life! Doesn’t her attitdue make you want to slap her? Meanwhile B doesn’t want to invite N or S to her and D’s coming out as a couple event. Why she makes this choice is completely beyond me. But, as always everyone gather at the party and a huge bomb of information is dropped.

B or S have never matured, B is still the same as she was in high school. No matter how many relationships she has been through and how many problems she has faced, we can see no level of maturity. I agree there have been parts when I felt so sorry for her that I cried but then she goes back to being her high school self again and I forget it all. And, S, well it seems like friends and family mean nothing to her. The only person she cares for appears to be herself. But, N and C, they are a different story. It’s true that whenever a new girl arrives N gets involved with her and might not think of his friends but he is there for them at the end. And, C is always the guy whom your heart goes out to. He has changed a lot since high school as well, from being the spoilt, bad-boy in first season, he seems like a gentleman now.

So this is the basic, brief story. In between there are so many parts that have been left. Hard to keep track right? The dating circle goes on revolving round the five of them and any new character that appears on the show seems to have a negative motive and gets thrown out at the end. I sometimes wonder why I still watch this show, and even though there is no answer, I just can’t give it up. Story of my life!


6 Responses to “A brief introduction”

  1. Sujin April 20, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    YEAH!!! after those boring kind essay types, got to read Suri’s original 🙂
    The brief introduction is well enough for me to not watch the series. I like the way you made it so dislikable.
    And doing my job here, the title (this is really bad hai, title ta atleast)
    the line with high school in first para and 2nd last sentence of 3rd para (incorrect article)

    • Suri April 20, 2012 at 7:15 am #

      thank u :)…always herepachi rish uthne k malai ani tweet gardai basthye, yo pali chai tweet garera matra pugdaina vanera article nai lekheko, hehe!!!
      tmro job chai very well done, hehe…thank u la, title ma nai tyesto lekheko raichu…ahile balla po dekhera tarse…tyo lines ma ni halka change gareko chu hai!!!

  2. Kaushal Shrestha (@k4kaushal) June 28, 2012 at 8:50 am #

    Thank u. firstly, I’ll never watch this series. moreover, I’m getting sick of these series thing. malai ta TVD nai pyaro 😛 ani GG ra PLLko maker eutai raicha hai?

    • surockshya June 28, 2012 at 10:29 am #

      always a pleasure to help stop someone waste their time watching GG :P…like first ma ta ramailo nai thyo k bt aba ta aati nai…5th season sakeko point herda ta 2nd season nai jasto lagne k…i just hope TVD won’t turn out to be like this one!!!n PLL ko maker same vayera raicha eti long mystery of A, kehi reveal nai gardaina k hai…

  3. Kaushal Shrestha (@k4kaushal) June 28, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    Honestly, i stopped reading in the middle.. the whole B N C S D and I don’t know what alphabets were getting really confusing. hehe. kati ota season sakyo yo seriesko BTW?

    • surockshya June 28, 2012 at 10:27 am #

      hehe, ya it’s kinda confusing…5 seasons vayo n aba chai next season half epis (10-12) jati matra huncha jasto cha…it’s getting boring n ratings ni dropping ni ta!!!

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