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26 Jun

Okay! So I know people won’t check the essays I had written previously as samples while preparing for IELTS examination but still I wanted to correct the mistakes I had made there. Well I had not taken preparation classes in an institute so I had almost no practice for writing and speaking. Sure I used to look in the mirror and speak in the allocated time, write essays and such but who could evaluate that? This is not an excuse for my horribly-wrong writing style, but I just wanted to explain it. The opening line of my essays is incorrect (really shows how well prepared I was while writing these, right?). I have copied the essay topics as they were. Never, and I mean NEVER do this. You can paraphrase it, twist it around, or do anything but don’t copy it down. This may even result in loosing marks.

Another thing is about diagram explanations. I haven’t written them here but I wanted to say something about them as well. You are given a diagram of some sort, it maybe a chart or a process diagram and you need to explain it. There is word limit mentioned. And while you get penalized for writing in less words, writing more than mentioned won’t cost you marks(as the rules suggest). Nevertheless, over-lengthy writing is also not that appreciated so you have to try your best to manage it in the given word count. While comparing diagrams, remember to use words and phrases such as doubled, five times as that in, soared high, peaked in, plummeted, rose dramatically, declined steadily rather than using rose and fell. And, also don’t waste your time comparing each and every detail; take some time to understand the diagram and pick out only the MAJOR points. These tips will be mentioned in the books as well.

The last thing, for the second task, you need to be careful while selecting the phrases. Instead of writing “obviously”, you can write “there is not a shadow of doubt over the fact that”. You can use “there is a school of thought that”, “it has been said for years that” and phrases like that. While starting, it might be helpful to say “some people think that….while others argue…” or “the matter of….is among the many that have attracted a lot of attention and caused debate over the years”. There are others like these as well. I just mean that instead of writing it plainly, you need to give it a bit literary touch but not just by using big words and all. You don’t need to make it complex, but replace some common words and stuff so that they sound better while reading. And, don’t start your first paragraph with “first and foremost” and second by “secondly” as I have done. Use the phrases in their place; it certainly enhances the quality.

I am no expert in this matter and I don’t have that great score in writing to show. But, these tips really helped me a lot and I just wanted to share them.


A Man’s World

17 Jun

They don’t say “it’s a man’s world” without any reason. No matter whether we are in the first or the twenty-first century, women still don’t get the respect they deserve. Everything we do is judged and commented upon whether we like it or not. If we don’t get good marks in exam, we obviously spent too much time on making ourselves look pretty rather than we did studying. And, if we get good marks, it’s like exam grades don’t say anything; even if a girl tops it, she won’t actually make the cut in the world because no matter how less guys score than us, they definitely know more, more “real” stuff. And, all we know about is nail and hair care! But, if a guy gets the highest grades: wow he’s really talented, he studies so hard and can obviously do a lot after graduating. What do girls do after graduating? Get married, have a family and look after them! The fact that there are people who say they are living in the twentieth century and still believe in nonsense like this is sick.

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful; we just express it more. Guys having mohawk or that pin-pointy spiky hair or dreadlocks or long hair or whatever that’s not natural is sooooo “awesome” and all. If we get extensions or try to do anything with our hair, we are simply fake and just care about our looks. Before labeling us as “fake”, just know that guys aren’t the exact examples of real. So we want to look good, is that a crime? We love being complimented, but only in a good way. It makes us feel happy when people whom we know and care about give us compliments, but that definitely doesn’t mean we want to hear it from every other guy. The problem is guys don’t seem to understand this. If we act friendly and talk sweetly with some guy, we are big flirts; we are leading them on. And, if we don’t, we are mean stuck up bitches who don’t care about others. So we can’t be nice and we can’t even be not-nice. Guys talking about sports and gadgets and everything all the time is just so cool but girls talking about their wardrobe or television dramas or fashion or books is the exact opposite. They say the only thing most girls ever talk about is fashion and stuff. So what? If it’s something that we are interested in, we will talk about it all we want. No-one asks guys to shut up when they are going on and on about their interests. If we don’t get good marks on lab viva, it’s because we don’t have the knowledge; only guys know all the practical stuff, girls just do well in theory exams. And, if we do get them, it’s all because we batted our eyelashes and kept on playing with our hair while the examiner (a guy) was questioning us or the examiner (a girl) just gives good marks to girls only. This, actually, makes me wonder. I mean the ones that think like this are boys and this proves that they think another guy would give out good grades to a pretty girl just like that. Doesn’t that mean they would also do the same if they were in the same place? Girls getting cosmetic surgeries is being plastic, the fakest thing one could imagine. And, guys getting tattoos and all those horrifying piercings! What could be more awesome in this world? When girls go on a special diet and work out whether to stay fit or to get thin, they simply are artificial; just caring about their looks, not eating properly, caring more about their body shape rather than their health. But, when guys do the same, all they hear is how good they are treating their body; having 6 or 8 or whatever packs is the “manly” thing to do. They want to feel good about their body, well so do we. We don’t want to be in a good shape just to get guys like they think. Them thinking like that only means all the gym hours and heavy exercising is just so that girls would notice them. Pathetic! They say girls love gossiping and back-biting and talking about others. I won’t deny it. But, guys are not saints either! Don’t we know how they are commenting on every little thing a girl does? If we wear skin-tight jeans, they have to comment about it. And, if we wear ill-fitting jeans, they HAVE to comment about it. Why can’t those holy saints mind their own business? There are guys who would not even read a book just because it was written by a female author. If guys get to the top level, they worked genuinely hard and so deserved it. If girls do, they obviously slept their way through. I have seen enough offensive posts and tweets about girls to say with confidence that no matter how far the world has progressed, most people’s brains still need to undergo massive development.

Guys say they can’t understand girls all the time. If they for once stopped judging us and actually tried, maybe they would realize that we are not that hard to understand. They just need to learn to respect, actually respect the differences. In countries like ours, this can be blamed on the fact that sons are always favored. Coming from a family with two daughters, I have heard my parents being asked “just two daughters, no son?” and me and my sister being asked “no brothers” so many times. And, I have seen “educated” and “broad-minded” people of twenty-first century feeling the need to have a son even when they already have two, three or more daughters! Maybe this has made the guys think they are some sort of special beings or whatever. Maybe that’s why they think it’s their birth right to call girls superficial, shallow, fake, untalented people without even looking at themselves in the mirror. I don’t mean to say all guys are like that. There are some who fall so rightly in that category, some only slightly and there are guys who don’t feel like that. But, deep down, most of the guys still feel this way and this sometimes makes me feel ashamed to be a part of this world.