My scarfy woes!

19 Jun

One whole week of staying indoors really made me forget that the cold is taking over. And, in melbourne, cold just does not mean cold. It means the bone-chilling, angry, ever-blowing wind that ruins your hair, that keeps hitting you in the face and just does not go away! Now, if it were the early morning, I would have remembered to wear a scarf as a sensible person would do. But, since I had not felt the wind’s anger in the confines of my room, I thought my parka would be good enough. The only good decision I made was to wear my sneakers not the ballet flats because my feet just would have died in the flats. It is not like it is not cold indoors, it is but then it is not windy. And, on the top of that, our house is not normally cold. (On a totally different note, I just love the bus drivers who see you coming running behind the bus and stop for you when they have just left the stop. It might not be the lawful thing to do but it means so much to the person behind if they can just catch the bus and reach their uni in time. Ya, I am in the bus as I am writing this and this thing just happened so I wanted to include a little appreciation.) Going back to my previous topic, our house is actually built for winter. It does not get as cold as some other houses get. But, in summer! Lets just not talk about that. I do not want to think about that right now. All I wanted to say was I should have carried a scarf today and I ended up here. Since I have already included totally random things in this post, I would just add some more. This bus feels cold! I do not know why. It feels like there is a gust of wind coming from somewhere. I really wish the driver would turn the heating on. Literally everyone is wearing a scarf in this bus! How could I have been so stupid to forget mine? All I needed to do was check the weather before leaving home. But did I do that? No! I just hope I would be able to get a nice and warm bus during the return trip home. Oh my lovely scarves hanging in my wardrobe, I miss you lovelies so much. Remind me not to leave you behind again.


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