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Red pawpaw box July

15 Aug

I wrote this more than a month ago and forgot to publish it!

Yay! The first red pawpaw box is here :D. I got the box yesterday morning around 7.40 am (way too early for my day off if you ask me considering I heard the doorbell and had to get up). The packaging looks cute; it is a big box with red sides and the name written on it. Nothing fancy but the font looks adorable. I found about this subscription through a blog post. I was just looking for some Australian subscription boxes and saw this one. At first I thought it was a health and beauty box since the name was Red pawpaw and you know the ever-so-wonderful Lucas pawpaw ointment comes in a red tube. How wrong I was! To be honest, what attracted me was the price. I was looking for beauty boxes not household and grocery ones but I saw it was only $5 :O! Talk about cheap! I later realized shipping was yet to be added to that bringing the total to $12.5 but even then it was a really affordable thing. I think I had to wait for like a month for the subscription to be available. I wanted a monthly one but all they had was annual and turns out in annual, you get a month for free so no complaints there. And, do not think that I was like, “Wow, a $5 box, I have to get this”, and got it without any information. On the contrary, I did a thorough research! These past few weeks, I have been checking so many youtube reviews about some many products that I rarely go out to buy something new without watching like 10 videos about it. So, I checked some reviews and the more recent ones I watched, the more impressed I was. Frankly speaking, I was shocked seeing the items in the box. I mean it is a $5 box! And, my first box was awesome. I have added a picture of the box to see how it looks like. 

The box looks like this. Looks nice even though it is just a box!

The box looks like this. Looks nice even though it is just a box!

Talking about what was actually inside, there were a lot of products in there and it was not like “Oh, this is good-for-nothing item, we would not use this one ever”. There was one item that I was not too excited to receive but that is just my personal thought. The picture of the contents is attached below and you can see quite a lot of things already. This is not all by the way, other things were hidden below. 

A snap of the products that were inside. I did not take picture of every single item, just one like this.

A snap of the products that were inside. I did not take picture of every single item, just one like this.

The things that I received were:

  1. Lipton Sparkling Iced tea (Original) 440ml
  2. Mt. Franklin Sparkling water (with a hint of lemon and raspberry essence) 1.25l
  3. Mugshot noodles sachet (1 serve) 54g
  4. The Little Brownie Company Triple choc fudge brownies mix 560g
  5. Saxa Smoked cyprus salt (in a grinder) 45g
  6. Saxa Iodised sea salt flakes (in a box) 112g
  7. Chux Magic eraser 8 mini blocks trial pack
  8. Nature valley Granola bar (Coconut crisp) 42g
  9. WeightWatchers Fruit jelly with peaches (2 pack) (2*120g)
  10. Arnott’s Vita wheat lunch slices (Soy linseed and sesame) 220g
  11. Uncle tobys crunchy triangles (chocolate) (2 trial packs)
  12. Fountain Tomato sauce 500ml

So as you can see, there were 12 products and just two of them were trial packs. Well there is only one granola bar pack so we might consider that a trial as well (since it is sold in a pack of 6 or 12). We were not given a list with prices of these things but definitely they are worth a lot more than $12.5. I was not too happy about the sparkling water since I do not like sparkling water. But, the other things were great. We did not have tomato sauce at our home and now we got one, so yay us! And, I really love the diced fruit in jelly of juice or anything but we usually do not go over to that aisle and buy it while shopping so another win for me. Arnott’s Vita wheat lunch slices (they are big biscuits), oh I love it. In fact, I just had that for lunch. I love these kind of biscuits, the cracker types, not sweet, not salty, just perfect. All in all, I was really happy with the box. It is a great way to try out new products which I would never have though of buying otherwise. The Saxa smoked cyprus salt, I would have never picked that up but now I get to try it and if I like it, I can buy more of it. The sachet noodles is also not something I would have picked on my own. And, I think I would always love the normal Lipton iced tea better than the sparkling ones but it still is a great way to try it out. I would highly recommend this box since you get your money’s worth. Well, this is just my first box but seeing the previous boxes and with my personal experience, you can not go wrong trying this one out.