A Man’s World

17 Jun

They don’t say “it’s a man’s world” without any reason. No matter whether we are in the first or the twenty-first century, women still don’t get the respect they deserve. Everything we do is judged and commented upon whether we like it or not. If we don’t get good marks in exam, we obviously spent too much time on making ourselves look pretty rather than we did studying. And, if we get good marks, it’s like exam grades don’t say anything; even if a girl tops it, she won’t actually make the cut in the world because no matter how less guys score than us, they definitely know more, more “real” stuff. And, all we know about is nail and hair care! But, if a guy gets the highest grades: wow he’s really talented, he studies so hard and can obviously do a lot after graduating. What do girls do after graduating? Get married, have a family and look after them! The fact that there are people who say they are living in the twentieth century and still believe in nonsense like this is sick.

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful; we just express it more. Guys having mohawk or that pin-pointy spiky hair or dreadlocks or long hair or whatever that’s not natural is sooooo “awesome” and all. If we get extensions or try to do anything with our hair, we are simply fake and just care about our looks. Before labeling us as “fake”, just know that guys aren’t the exact examples of real. So we want to look good, is that a crime? We love being complimented, but only in a good way. It makes us feel happy when people whom we know and care about give us compliments, but that definitely doesn’t mean we want to hear it from every other guy. The problem is guys don’t seem to understand this. If we act friendly and talk sweetly with some guy, we are big flirts; we are leading them on. And, if we don’t, we are mean stuck up bitches who don’t care about others. So we can’t be nice and we can’t even be not-nice. Guys talking about sports and gadgets and everything all the time is just so cool but girls talking about their wardrobe or television dramas or fashion or books is the exact opposite. They say the only thing most girls ever talk about is fashion and stuff. So what? If it’s something that we are interested in, we will talk about it all we want. No-one asks guys to shut up when they are going on and on about their interests. If we don’t get good marks on lab viva, it’s because we don’t have the knowledge; only guys know all the practical stuff, girls just do well in theory exams. And, if we do get them, it’s all because we batted our eyelashes and kept on playing with our hair while the examiner (a guy) was questioning us or the examiner (a girl) just gives good marks to girls only. This, actually, makes me wonder. I mean the ones that think like this are boys and this proves that they think another guy would give out good grades to a pretty girl just like that. Doesn’t that mean they would also do the same if they were in the same place? Girls getting cosmetic surgeries is being plastic, the fakest thing one could imagine. And, guys getting tattoos and all those horrifying piercings! What could be more awesome in this world? When girls go on a special diet and work out whether to stay fit or to get thin, they simply are artificial; just caring about their looks, not eating properly, caring more about their body shape rather than their health. But, when guys do the same, all they hear is how good they are treating their body; having 6 or 8 or whatever packs is the “manly” thing to do. They want to feel good about their body, well so do we. We don’t want to be in a good shape just to get guys like they think. Them thinking like that only means all the gym hours and heavy exercising is just so that girls would notice them. Pathetic! They say girls love gossiping and back-biting and talking about others. I won’t deny it. But, guys are not saints either! Don’t we know how they are commenting on every little thing a girl does? If we wear skin-tight jeans, they have to comment about it. And, if we wear ill-fitting jeans, they HAVE to comment about it. Why can’t those holy saints mind their own business? There are guys who would not even read a book just because it was written by a female author. If guys get to the top level, they worked genuinely hard and so deserved it. If girls do, they obviously slept their way through. I have seen enough offensive posts and tweets about girls to say with confidence that no matter how far the world has progressed, most people’s brains still need to undergo massive development.

Guys say they can’t understand girls all the time. If they for once stopped judging us and actually tried, maybe they would realize that we are not that hard to understand. They just need to learn to respect, actually respect the differences. In countries like ours, this can be blamed on the fact that sons are always favored. Coming from a family with two daughters, I have heard my parents being asked “just two daughters, no son?” and me and my sister being asked “no brothers” so many times. And, I have seen “educated” and “broad-minded” people of twenty-first century feeling the need to have a son even when they already have two, three or more daughters! Maybe this has made the guys think they are some sort of special beings or whatever. Maybe that’s why they think it’s their birth right to call girls superficial, shallow, fake, untalented people without even looking at themselves in the mirror. I don’t mean to say all guys are like that. There are some who fall so rightly in that category, some only slightly and there are guys who don’t feel like that. But, deep down, most of the guys still feel this way and this sometimes makes me feel ashamed to be a part of this world.


A brief introduction

19 Apr

It’s just the fifth season but it has already become a type of drama that I would never recommend anyone to watch! Any guesses to which show I’m talking about? I can almost feel like I’m watching the Ekta Kapoor serials, you know the same story going on and on again. Nothing new happens ever but still you watch the new episode (and tweet how much you disliked the current episode afterwards). The same plotting, scheming, pairing, events, the only thing that has changed since season one is that they are no longer in high school! You must have known the name of the show by now. Yes, it is Gossip Girl, the show in which you can’t expect anything exciting to happen these days.

Let me give you a brief history of the show. Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck are the Upper East Siders and friends since childhood. Serena and Blair, Nate and Chuck are best friends. B and N had been dating since kindergarten but during high school N falls for S. N and S end up sleeping together and afterwards S leaves town. Now B and S are no longer friends. B and N are still dating in the first episode but when S returns N’s feelings can’t stay true to B. While N is too busy to pay attention to B, she cheats on him with C. God knows what happens to N then but he again starts loving B once again. But, poor C, he has also fallen deeply for B! N breaks up with B when he learns about her and C. Then starts the whole B and C thing, they like each other but something always stops them from being together. I recall B getting back together with N for a short duration but this time B breaks up with N. Confused already? Don’t be, there’s more. What happened to S during this whole time? If N and S weren’t together then who did she date? Enter Dan, Lonely Boy from Brooklyn whose sister lil J for me is one of the most annoying characters after B and S themselves. S and D are so in love, working out their differences perfectly. But, what can they do against fate? Turns out S’s mom and D’s dad had been in love when they were young and, after all these years, decide to get married. So from being lovers they go to being to brother and sister!

I’m gonna leave all other characters and just concentrate on these five people. So, S and D are not together, B and C never seem to be ready to get committed to each other (no-one knows why) and N is the hottest, cutest guy on the Upper East Side. S and B go back to being best friends but Gossip Girl keeps coming between them and well they also let her. After high school, B and D attend college just for few episodes. Obviously, who has the time for college when they are too busy plotting against their friends and family? C and B go on and off, on and off over and over again. Sometimes a prince, sometimes an accident, sometimes another girl and a list of things prevent them from being together. When they finally get a chance of the happiness they have always dreamed, B chooses otherwise. I’ll get to that later, now let’s move on to S, N and D. N always had a thing for S so after everything he still wants to be with her in third or fourth season. Apparently D can’t also forget about her. After an series of Tripp, Carter, Vanessa, a character Hilary Duff played, Juliet and so on in these three characters lives, S has to choose between N and D. But, all it took was one evil move from Juliet and lil J, and both the guys choose not to be with her.

Afterwards, D and B set off on a mission together for helping S. Well we had S and N, S and N, B and N, B and C (the only thing that stopped the writers from creating a S and C pair might have been the fact that before marrying D’s dad, S’s mom had married C’s dad making them brother and sister). So now the only pairing left is B and D, and of course we have it. Somehow Dan Humfrey, Lonely Boy from Brooklyn ends up liking Blair Waldorf, the Upper East Side princess and more surprisingly, B returns his feelings. Oh, I almost forgot to mention B getting pregnant at the age of 19 and ready to marry Prince Louis before all this happened. But as she is still in “love” with C, Louis doesn’t accept their marriage. On her wedding day, she confesses how much she loves C and on the following day when C tells her to be with him, she refuses. Laughable, isn’t it? Finally she tells C that though she will always love him, her heart belongs to D and hence B and D! That’s not all. S wants to get back together with D again but as he chooses B now, their friendship gets affected. Oh and due to her own meddlesome nature, S gets into a dispute with N as well. Honestly, when will this girl ever change?

In the recent episode, S totally sabotages her cousin’s chance to pursue her dream, the very same cousin whom she had lectured about how they were family and all in the previous episode. And, why did she do it? Simply because, she didn’t have anything else to do with her life! Doesn’t her attitdue make you want to slap her? Meanwhile B doesn’t want to invite N or S to her and D’s coming out as a couple event. Why she makes this choice is completely beyond me. But, as always everyone gather at the party and a huge bomb of information is dropped.

B or S have never matured, B is still the same as she was in high school. No matter how many relationships she has been through and how many problems she has faced, we can see no level of maturity. I agree there have been parts when I felt so sorry for her that I cried but then she goes back to being her high school self again and I forget it all. And, S, well it seems like friends and family mean nothing to her. The only person she cares for appears to be herself. But, N and C, they are a different story. It’s true that whenever a new girl arrives N gets involved with her and might not think of his friends but he is there for them at the end. And, C is always the guy whom your heart goes out to. He has changed a lot since high school as well, from being the spoilt, bad-boy in first season, he seems like a gentleman now.

So this is the basic, brief story. In between there are so many parts that have been left. Hard to keep track right? The dating circle goes on revolving round the five of them and any new character that appears on the show seems to have a negative motive and gets thrown out at the end. I sometimes wonder why I still watch this show, and even though there is no answer, I just can’t give it up. Story of my life!

Big city or countryside

19 Apr

It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. I disagree with this statement. Growing up in a big city has a lot of benefits than doing so in countryside.

First and foremost, the development. Health care, education, entertainment, transportation; every aspect in general is better in city. Generally, the good schools and colleges are usually located in big cities. People from countryside also end up coming to cities to pursue their higher education. Same with the hospitals and clinics. From diagnosis to treatment, the health service is far better as compared to the countryside. And, not to forget, different parks, museums, libraries, etc. are present for the kids to enjoy.

Secondly, there is technology and it’s advancement. In today’s world, knowledge of technology and it’s advancement has become a must. All the new gadgets and services are generally concentrated in the big cities so children can have knowledge about these from the start. Furthermore, the provisions for extra-curricular activities, like sports, singing, dancing, etc. are more pronounced in cities. Summer and winter camps, training institutions and everything help to sharpen the children’s skills from the very beginning. Ultimately, all of this aids them to secure a bright future.

However, growing in countryside also has its advantages. Peaceful and fresh environment sounds better than the noisy cities. Growing up in an area filled with pure natural beauty indeed proves to be a better option than among huge buildings.

To summarize it, I would say that growing up in big cities is better than growing up in countryside.

Technology reduces thinking capacity (GRE)

18 Apr

Technology, the thing on which people depend for their lives after air, water and food! Living in such a world, it is basically impossible to imagine us devoid of any technical development. Widespread and rapid progress in technology obviously has uncountable benefits; it has definitely made our lives far more comfortable and easier than each previous day. But, the fact that people have become more dependent and somewhat lazy as well cannot be overlooked. Rather than using own creative ideas to get through a problem, we all rely massively on technology.

Let us think about how far technical development has gone; the height of development is so huge that we can’t possibly even realize it. Devices with mental and logical capabilities are not a new thing for us; computers are only just an example. The problem with such devices is that though they help greatly by saving our time and doing all the hard work for us, they have weakened thinking capacity of people. Obviously, if you have something else take care of the problems, why even bother trying to do that yourself! This has become our viewpoint. With each passing day, we are becoming more dependent on technology. In fact, so much dependent that eras prior to technology seems to be from alien world. During early school years, when students are not allowed to use calculator for basic mathematical problem solving, everyone can recite the multiplication tables, can easily answer what twelve times eleven equals. But, once they lay their hands on calculators, even seven times four confuses and makes them compelled to check the result. This dependency only keeps on growing.

Then, of course, there is internet; greatest joy and pride of those who have access to it. Worldwide search engines have ensured information about something from any part of the world is accessible to people. Everything you need to know is simply a click away! The vivid effect of this fact on people cannot be ignored. Since answer to almost every question or problem can be found in the internet, thinking about it by oneself feels unnecessary. You get a problem in a program code you are trying to write, simply input your query to the giant search engine. Viola! Problem solved and you didn’t even have to rack your brains for it. Starting to write a book report without going through a handful of old available similar reports on the web first seems idiotic. Think less, depend more has almost become our motto now.

No matter how luxurious our lives have become, due to all the advancement in technology, the point that thinking power of people is waning and relying heavily on technology is soaring can’t be denied. It is undisputable; this dependency can cause great adversity to human themselves in near future. Sure the world is a better place to live in now but the fact still remains that new services and devices have aided in making people reluctant to make use of their mental capability. Thus, we can easily conclude that development in technology has reduced thinking capacity of people.

Self or combined study

18 Apr

Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Personally, I think studying in group is a better option.

First of all, group effort is definitely better than individual work. Different people have different fields they know more about. Thus, a tough problem for one can be easily solved by other. While studying together, this proves to be an important point. For example, you maybe very good at history, some of your friends maybe math geniuses, some may do well in chemistry, some in other subjects. If you study alone, you might face problems while studying everything together but in group study, you have your friends to help you. The problem is shared among everyone and there is always a high possibility that one person in the group would be able to solve it.

The other point is everything, even studying, seems enjoyable when we are with friends. Furthermore, most of the times, it is easier for us to learn from our friends than from our teacher. I myself have been through this situation many times. The ideas and solutions that I wasn’t able to grasp in an hour lecture became so easy for me to understand in fifteen minutes when my friend explained it to me!

However, reading alone also has its benefits. In some subjects, studying alone is the best option. And, obviously in four hours study-session with friends, we tend to spend about an hour studying while rest of the time gets devoted to chit-chats, gossips and giggling.

Thus, in my opinion, studying with friends is a better option rather than studying alone.

Watching Television is bad for children.

18 Apr

It is usually said that watching television is bad for children. Many experiences with the kids around me has made me believe that this is true.

First of all, watching television is really addictive. Even grown-ups get hooked to a show they have been watching and obviously children are no different. Children these days spend most of their free time watching television. And, to such an extent that they sometimes even pay little attention to their daily activities! First thing they do after returning from school is turning on the television. Some children need to be in front of television even while eating. I know this for a fact since my cousins do the same. Apart from giving them less time to spend with their family, this affects their studies greatly as well.

Secondly, television has taken away the children’s time to play and exercise. Back when we are little kids, we used to go out and play a lot. But, these days, kids are reluctant to step out of the television room. No wonder obesity is spreading so much more these days than in previous years. The only exercise kids these days do seems to be of their fingers; using the remote control. And, also television shows a lot of shows or programs, advertisements which are not suitable for children. They learn a lot of things from watching television; violent actions and negative messages also fall under that. Children might get the false idea that such fights and acts are okay since the programs are full of them. This will not only affect their present behavior but might also have a negative impact on their future life as well.

Even though watching television has various negative impacts, the positive aspects associated with it can’t also be forgotten. It is a means of entertainment and enjoyment. The pressure of studies, the difficulties in solving a problem can all be forgotten momentarily while watching television. And, it’s not like the shows only give out negative vibe and examples. Kids can get positive and encouraging messages that will be beneficial for them.

In conclusion, I would like to say that watching television too much is not good for children however it ought not to be stopped completely.

Our Story :) (i obviously can’t write a song…)

31 Aug

She loved him, he loved her. She thought he didn’t like her, he thought she didn’t like him. She didn’t tell him anything, he didn’t tell her anything. She thought he had someone else in his life, he thought she had someone else in her life. They didn’t express their feelings, and stayed just good friends, for many years.

They were both young when they first saw each other (though there were no lights, party or ball-gown to see 😉 ). They met after their SLC examination, during bridge course class. It was as if fate had put them together in same class. Actually she had not meant to join that institute, she had gone to visit the neighboring one but a twist in events (read Destiny) took her to the one where she met him ♥. It wasn't love at first sight, not even close. In fact, it took her days to know his name (though she thought he was cute even before knowing his name 😉 )! They had separate circle of friends so didn't talk with each other during those days. But, even without speaking, they had sweet moments which later on became unforgettable memories. One of them being the visit to a college and her teasing him (he was so shy). Then there were those glances and few exchanged smiles (don't know if he remembers it), meeting him unexpectedly on the way once, the checked exam papers, the very VERY horrible picture he drew for her (really horrible, i mean it) and other moments which can't be expressed by words. But, at that time, she wasn't in love with him. For her, he was a crush, a huge crush but not her love.

After their class ended, they never met. There were no sweet words or moments of farewell, they just went their separate ways, separate fields of study and separate colleges. The only communication they had after the bridge course classes were few phone calls (there were no mobile phones for messaging)! And, as for mails and chats, well he simply didn't reply :(. So, for two years, they were totally out of touch, but she seen him twice on the way during that time (it was just a glance but she knew it was him and as she was going to her college, there was no chance of going up to him and starting a conversation). Sometimes when she saw someone wearing a shirt of the same color or the same print (just once) as he had worn, she would smile for no reason. At times like this, she used to wonder if he remembered her like this as well, if he ever thought about her. But, even at that time, she considered him only her crush. Then everything changed.

They were together again :). Well together in the sense that they started talking again. The story of how it happened is another long tale. It was unplanned, she hadn’t asked for his number, he hadn’t asked hers (he had even sounded angry when she first called him, at least that’s how he sounded to her) but they were back in contact. Then everything went on like it should have, it was like a dream. A day without calling or texting him felt incomplete. Her inbox was filled with his messages, she used to read and re-read and re-read the messages wondering if he did the same. But she never told him how she felt, she was scared that he would stop talking to her if she did. How could she know that he felt the same way without him telling her. So they both remained silent on that matter and just talked about other things. It felt like they used to talk about nothing, there used to be those long conversations and when she thought of what they talked about, she couldn’t remember the specific things. The words just seem to flow, they would be talking about one thing and about a completely different thing a moment later. His habit of changing the things being discussed never changed, it’s still the same and she loves that. She used to get that unexplainable happiness whenever she talked to him. But, that happiness was soon snatched away :(. He stopped talking to her, ignored her completely. It was as if she didn’t exist for him. She couldn’t figure out what had she done to make him move away from her. Before that period, before he started acting like she didn’t matter to him, she was so sure that he also felt the same way about her. But, afterwards even the thought of that seemed impossible. After weeks that seemed like years, he himself started speaking to her again. That shocked her as much as his ignoring her had done. But then he would talk to her whenever he wanted and go back to ignoring her when he didn’t want. She didn’t know the reason behind that and couldn’t ask him as well. So, it was automatically assumed by her mind that he simply didn’t like her and didn’t want to even be friends with her :(! Well obviously anyone would have felt that way. That went on for weeks and months and then he really left 😦 (and didn’t even bother to tell her the date of his departure himself 😦 😦 😦 ).

Even after all that, she couldn’t get over him (and it turns out he couldn’t as well). They were on speaking terms but there used to be periods when they had no any form of communication. She always tried to tell herself that she should not wait for him, they weren’t meant to be. But how could she win over her own heart! All it took was one word from him or a single thought or something distantly related to him or any any any other thing to make her unable to get away from him. It’s said whenever you think of letting go, think of all the reasons that made you hold on for so long. And, there was the most important reason that made her hold on to him. Hearing the word ‘love’ reminded her of him and made her hope it would remind him of her someday. How could she know that ‘someday’ was everyday :)! She tried a lot to not think about him, even tried to think of others and forget about him but all that effort was worthless. Thinking about actually being with someone else was not even a thought. It was like with him she could she her future, with other people, there seemed no possibility of a future. “Eight letters, three words, say it and i’ll be yours”, this was a line she could totally relate to, kept waiting and waiting to hear those words from him.

Finally finally finally, he finally thought it would be appropriate to tell her how he felt :). After years of waiting, finally they knew how they felt about each other. She couldn’t believe it at first; him having the same feelings was something that had happened only in her thoughts. It felt almost too good to be true and that used to scare her, scare her with the thoughts that someday he would say that was just a prank or something might happen and his feelings would change. But this wasn’t a prank or a temporary feeling :). After years of waiting, they are finally together now (not in distance though). And, with him, everything just seems right. Sure there are arguments, discussions and fights but that’s what makes their relationship stronger. It will be few more months before they can see each other (too hard to wait 😦 ). She keeps on wondering why hadn’t they told each other sooner, what that would have been like! What if she had told him her feelings earlier, what if he had been able to guess how she felt, so many what-ifs. But, whatever happens now, they have each other and that’s all that matters. Life is so so so beautiful :)!